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Dental/Medical Reward Program:


The Treasure Tower decreases anxiety and fear in children. They love to vend and are excited when they get a prize. Showing the Treasure Tower to a child before a procedure and explaining that they get to choose a prize when they are done, if they cooperate and are brave, helps them to find that inner strength to sit still for the health professional to complete the exam or procedure. Then the child is rewarded with a "Super Patient" token to use in the Treasure Tower.

  • This fun Treasure Tower® toy dispenser is of NO expense to you.
  • We install it free of charge. NO installation or hidden fees ever.
  • We keep it filled with quality toys which you get to choose. The "Super Patient©" tokens cost just 25 cents each or a roll of 40 for $10. We rotate the toys each month. Your staff will no longer need to spend time looking for and stocking rewards or incentives for children or teens.
  • Children or teenagers redeem their "Super Patient©" token at the end of the office visit.

  • Children love this machine - it is easy and fun to use!

  • Your staff will give the child/teen a token and he/she can go to the machine to choose a toy. Your staff are then free to start caring for another child and not wasting time while a child looks through a box full of toys trying to decide which one to choose.
  • You are in total control of how many toys each child/teen receives. The child will not be able take a handful of toys from the toy box when they are finished. Instead they will receive one token. This will help save you money on prizes for children.
  • There are 8 seperate containers of toys for the child/teen to choose from. This is a great last experience for the child before going home! They will remember this machine and look forward to coming back to your office again! Our toys are test marketed from ages 3-17. We carry over 40 different toys.
  • Children & teens love this machine! It spins easily so it can be located against a wall or in a corner so it does not take up too much space.
  • This machine also takes quarters. If the parent wants the child to receive another toy or a toy for a sibbling then they are in charge of this and your office does not have to feel obligated to give out more toys.
  • Decreases fear & anxiety, less crying and more cooperation in children.
  • The child will remember the Treasure Tower and be excited about returning again to see the doctor or dentist.
  •  Decreases mom’s stress because child is not as worried about seeing the doctor or dentist. 

  • When the Treasure Tower is placed in the reception area it will increase the flow through your office as the child head's back form the workspace to the reception area after the appointment.  As a result your hygienist/assistant or nurse will have more time for proper instrument and room turnover.  Your receptionist can then go over billing and scheduling with the parent while the child chooses his/her prize.

    Children will no longer dig through a box a toys spreading germs to choose a prize.


  • No long-term commitment is required. You can keep the Treasure Tower® as long as you like or on a month-to-month basis.
  • There won't be the problems of children breaking prizes or spreading germs in the process of rummaging through a box to pick their prize. Every child will get the toy they want sanitary and unbroken.
  • The Treasure Tower® attracts younger patients, and encourages future growth, revenue and value to your practice.
  • We offer quality and reliable service. Our program is a fun and efficient way to reward patients, and help make their visit exciting and enjoyable.
  • Please consider the use of our fun Treasure Tower® toy dispenser. We feel it would be a great benefit to both you and your patients. Thank you for consideration of our services. We hope to serve you in the near future.
  • Orthodontic Offices are also a great place to have a Treasure Tower.

    • We also offer and Adult Reward program with Spry Dental Gum and Mints with  cavity fighting Xylitol.