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School References:

"The Treasure Tower is fun and exciting. I have found it a good booster for the kids to be good citizens and good readers. It is a great motivator and has fit in well at East Fayette Elementary. I love it!!!"
- Louis Robinson, Principal East Fayette Elementary, Fayetteville, Georgia

"The Treasure Tower is being successfully used at Bolton Academy. It is an excellent reward system and the kids love it!"
- Dr. Angela Bolin, Counselor, Bolton Academy, Atlanta Public Schools, Atlanta, Georgia
"At Stockbridge Elementary School, we use the Treasure Tower to reinforce appropriate behavior in the lunchroom. The Treasure Tower fits very well with our "Positive Schools" initiative which emphasizes positive rewards. Students enjoy using the Treasure Tower because it is a different type of reward than we have been able to offer before."
- Bill Silvey, Principal Stockbridge Elementary School, Stockbridge, Georgia
"The students love being able to visit the media center to get their tokens for the Treasure Tower. Our school uses the Treasure Tower for AR incentives and it has helped our students get excited about reading. It’s a low maintenance incentive program and easy for the kids to use."
- Jennifer Gay, Media Specialist, Loganville Primary, Loganville, Georgia
“I think it's wonderful. My kids are reading, reading - anything for a token. I am seeing great results, even EIP kids are on the roll with their sight words.”
- Karen Keuter, 4th Grade Teacher, Youth Elementary, Loganville, Georgia
“ The Treasure Tower has really encouraged our EIP kids to learn their GKAP and Dolch words. They are really excited about it.”
- Cheryl Ford, EIP Teacher, Youth Elementary, Loganville, Georgia
“My students earned an additional 100 points in Accelerated Reader when they earned a token for moving up an AR Level. Almost HALF of my students earned a token in one week!”
- Ms. Ge-Anne Bowdoin, 5th Grade Teacher, Youth Elementary, Loganville, Georgia


Dental References:

"The Treasure Tower is easier for the children to go pick out their own toys. It is more convenient and works out well for our office. The children really like it."
- Zoom Dental, Riverdale, Georgia
"We think the Treasure Tower is awesome! The kids love it. We like it because it is more sanitary and the kids hands are not on all the toys."
- Imagix - Alpharetta, Georgia
"A token a day, then the dentist is OK! We love our Treasure Tower.  The kids think it is great and it gives the children a positive reward experience after visiting the dentist."
- Dr. Jason Turner & Dr. Joe Lassiter - Hiram, Georgia

"Our children dental patients see the Treasure Tower before being seated and theya re much better behaved during treatment.  they are so excited abou getting a "Super Patient" token and visiting the Treasure Tower for a prize after their vist with the dentist. It is a great motivator for children and make their trip to the dentist less stressful and enjoyable.        
- Dr. Darryl Smith - Shurett Dental Group - Conyers, Georgia

Medical References:

"Kids love the Treasure Tower.  We make sure they see it as they come in so they are excited get a prize after the visit. They love to explore and choose a prize and it is much more fun than sitckers. It gives our office a friendly, fun atmosphere. We give out tokens to visiting brothers and sisters to help make their wait easier. I would recommend it to other offices.  We use it in both of our offices."
- Maggie Foda - Practice Manager - Children's Cardiovascular Medicine 
Marietta and Suwanee Georgia
"The Treasure Tower is used to encourage good behavior and for vaccinations in our office. We see less crying in children that know they get to go to the Treasure Tower after a going through a difficult procedure.  It helps increase future repeat visits to our office as it decreases anxiety in children and they look forward into coming back to our office so they can visit the Treasure Tower again."
   East Cobb Pediatrics - Kennesaw, Georgia
"We are very happy with the Treasure Tower. It helps streamline our office visits.  The kids are so excited about going to visit the Treasure Tower that they cooperate much quicker when getting shots.  This helps our office run much smoother as we can free up a room for the next patient."
 Phyliss Steinbridge - Kids Avenue Pediatrics - College Park, GA
Martial Arts References:

"This   might   be   the   most   exciting and  economical   reward   system  for your  students  I've   ever  seen."
 - Greg Silva, CEO, United Professionals