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Orthodontists & The Treasure Tower7:


  • If the three main recurring problems in your practice are missed or late appointments, poor oral hygiene, and loose or broken appliances, we have just the solution for you.
  • Patient motivation through our unique awards program can bring about real changes in the attitudes and performance of your patients. As a result of instantly rewarding patients for on-time appointments, good oral hygiene, and no damaged or loose appliances, you will save valuable chair time, and treatment progress will be greatly enhanced.
  • Your efforts to provide patients with positive reinforcement through award incentives will be greatly appreciated by everyone. As a result of the program, not only will patient compliance increase, it will also create an additional reason for patients to refer their own friends and family to you for treatment.
  • Our program is very cost effective for your practice. When the actual cost of the program is compared to the real costs of appliance repair, late or missed appointments, and extended treatment times, it is easy to see how recognition of good patient behavior can save you and your team valuable time and office overhead.
Our program can be custom designed for your office. Here is how our program works:
  1. You will determine what it is you want to reward your patients for (i.e. being on time, good oral hygiene, no loose or broken appliances, etc.) At the end of their visit, you will reward them with however many "Super Patient Award" tokens they have earned. Your only cost is twenty-five cents for each token. The number of tokens needed will depend on the number of patients you treat, how many of them qualify for an award, and how many tokens you want to distribute to each patient. For example, some doctors may distribute one token for each requirement met while others may only give one token if the patient meets all three requirements. The decision is yours.
  2. We will provide at no cost to your office an 8-Canister Treasure Tower. 
  3. Our program is very simple, cost effective, and will produce positive results for everyone involved. Your patients will be motivated by and appreciate the positive reinforcement; and you will benefit by having more chair time available, enhanced treatment progress, and increased patient referrals.
Each canister will be filled with a separate award item, each in its own plastic capsule, also at no cost to you. These awards have been test marketed and appeal mostly to those between the ages of 5 and 17. The patient receives their award(s) by inserting their token(s) into the Treasure Tower and turning the corresponding handle.