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School Reward Program:

·  This fun Treasure Tower® toy dispenser is of NO expense to you.

·  We install it free of charge. NO installation fees.

·  We keep it filled with quality toys which you get to choose.   

·  The "Super Student©" token costs just 25 cents each or a roll of 40 tokens for $10.

·  We rotate the toys each month. Teachers and staff will no longer need to spend time looking for and stocking rewards or incentives for children.

·  Children redeem their "Super Student©" token earned as a result of good behavior or academic achievement.

·  There are 8 separate containers of toys for the child to choose from. This is a great last experience for the child before going home!

·  Children love this machine! It spins easily so it can be located against a wall or in a corner so it does not take up too much space.

·  It is a great alternative to those sugary snacks that are often used as rewards in the classroom.

·  Children are not spreading germs by rummaging through a box of toys and touching every toy in the box before making their choice. 


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 The Treasure Tower® is Easy to Use.
       Children Love This Machine!


AR Reading: A "Super Student Token" could be awarded when students reach a certain AR point level. For example - every 10 points the student will receive a "Super Student Token" and be able to redeem it for one of the 8 prizes found in the Treasure Tower®. Each month there will be some new prizes so the children can look forward to seeing new items.

Behavior Modification: Most teachers have a system to discourage bad behavior in the classroom. The Treasure Tower® can be used to encourage good behavior. Students not "pulling a pin" for a specific amount of time could be rewarded with a "Super Student" token. The Treasure Tower® keeps children from spreading germs. A class may have a treasure box that the children visit when they have gained a good behavior goal, but these children touch every toy in the box - spreading germs and sickness. The Treasure Tower is a cleaner way to reward students.


Testing Incentive: CRCT and other required tests are mandatory for children to take. It can be a headache when children do not show up during testing days as make-up test must be given to meet State requirements. Giving out "Super Student" tokens to be used in the Treasure Tower® for perfect attendance during testing days would be a great way to get children to be in school during these important days.


Math Incentive: It is very important for children to learn their Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication Tables. These children can be rewarded with a "Super Student" token when they pass off a certain number of problems when given in a timed test.


Bus Behavior: A "Super Student" token could be given to children who work hard to follow the bus rules. The bus driver could give out a set number of tokens each day to those children following the bus rules and setting a good example. This would make the job of the bus driver easier and safer.


Attendance: With the new Georgia attendance law having children be in school is increasingly important. If children have perfect attendance for a set amount of days they could be rewarded with a "Super Student Token".


"A" Honor Roll: Those students who achieve straight A’s on their report card could receive a "Super Student Token" for the tremendous job they have done keeping their grades up high.


Afterschool Program: Often children are more active after school. These "Super Student Tokens" could be used to motivate children to complete their homework. A program could be set up where if the child were to complete their homework first for a set number of days then they would receive a "Super Student Token" and be able to visit the Treasure Tower®

Lunchroom Behavior: Lunchroom monitors have a big  challenge on their hands to help the children not get too loud. A Treasure Tower® can be placed in the lunchroom and then let the lunchroom monitors give out "Super Student" tokens to those students who are behaving well. Having the Treasure Tower® where they can see it will help motivate them to behave better during lunch.

What Other Schools are Doing to Fund the Treasure Tower®

Community Sponsorship Program -Local businesses can sign up to be the Sponsor of the month for the Treasure Tower® Reward Program. They contribute $10 per roll of tokens for each teacher in your school. The Sponsor is given recognition in the newsletter sent home to each student's family, on the web site and a sign can be placed on the Treasure Tower®. This creates great exposure and PR for the business, saves the school and teachers money and hassle, and provides a fun reward for the students.

PTO Funding - Often the PTO will support this program as is helps both the students and the teachers.

Title I Money - the Treasure Tower is used as an incentive for students to achieve academic excellence or better behavior

Parent Donations - Teachers can ask each child's parents to donate $5-10 dollars each and then the teacher can them use to purchase tokens to use to reward his/her students.

Individual or Grade Level teacher fundraising